• Oakland North reports on Occupiers pitching more tents at Snow Park. On Wednesday, Jean Quan told KQED’s Joshua Johnson the city expects the Occupy Oakland satellite camp to be gone by Monday.
  • California High Speed Rail Blog‘s take on the GOP’s defunding of the project for 2012: “Massively Unpopular House Republicans Reject HSR Funding.” The post also says it’s “premature at best to claim that [the] House GOP vote is a death knell for federal funding for the California HSR project.”
  • Why few grocery stores come to Richmond, from Richmond Confidential.
  • Scenes from the LEGO Santa Yoda Construction in Union Square, from SFist.
  • Uptown Almanac on the SFPD’s stolen bike site.
  • Local Beat: More Tents at Snow Park; Why Few Grocery Stores Come to Richmond; Photos of LEGO Santa Yoda at Union Square 18 November,2011Jon Brooks

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