Los Angeles County’s jails could run out of space as early as next month because of an influx of state prisoners, prompting officials to consider releasing potentially thousands of inmates awaiting trial.

The scene was relatively quiet early Friday morning around Occupy Oakland and a shrine has been erected near the spot where a man was shot and killed the previous night. There’s been no significant change in the number of tents on Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, despite Mayor Jean Quan’s plea for the campers to leave on their own in the wake of Thursday night’s violence.

Veterans Day is an observance intended for all U.S. veterans from all wars. But there is a movement, more than a decade old and still gaining momentum, to give Vietnam veterans something more — namely the homecoming they were denied decades ago.

Once again, a judge on Thursday ordered the state to scrap its plans to zip high-speed trains from Gilroy to San Jose and up the Peninsula, saying officials failed to show how the massive route would harm local traffic and homes.

After police forcibly removed an Occupy Cal encampment, several hundred students voted to walk out of classes Tuesday in opposition to cuts in higher education and called on teachers and graduate students to join them.

In a settlement that could reshape how Internet companies manage user information, Facebook  is near an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission that would limit the social network’s ability to change privacy rules without first obtaining users’ consent, according to published reports.



AM Splash: LA Jails Running Out Of Room; No Bullet Train Through South Bay; Facebook Nears Settlement Over Privacy Concerns 11 November,2011Kelly Wilkinson

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