• The Occupy Oakland General Assembly yesterday debated the violent tactics of the “black bloc,” reports Oakland North.
  • The liberal ThinkProgress has a post on an Oakland Police officer who has given a video interview supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement, after being outed as a plainclothes observer of Occupy Oakland.
  • NeighborsWebSJ reports on the San Jose City Council’s approval of the potential sale of land for a downtown ballpark to a private investment group. That ballpark would be inhabited by the current Oakland A’s, hopes San Jose.
  • From Richmond Confidential: “One month into the state’s implementation of a major prison realignment, Contra Costa County’s parolee and inmate numbers are much higher than projected.”
  • California has hit a solar energy milestone, reports Climate Watch: Homeowners and businesses have now installed one gigawatt of roof-top solar panels
  • From Bluoz, video of the Tenderloin Hawk.
  • Once upon a time, there was bowling in Bernal Heights, informs Bernalwood.


Jon Brooks

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