From KGO TV, here’s the raw video of Michael Moore speaking to Occupy Oakland protesters in Frank Ogawa Plaza:

Oakland North tweeted Moore’s address to the crowd. And here’s an account from the Oakland Tribune:

Michael Moore condemns “the militarization of our police departments”

In his speech, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said he emailed Mayor Jean Quan to see if she would meet with him when he was in Oakland, and that he’d try to reach her after she had concluded her news conference. The crowd booed each time he mentioned her name.

“I have to tell you the other night, not being here and watching from afar what took place here, it was really horrifying, to see what took place here in this country,” Moore said.

Moore called for 30 seconds of silence for Scott Olsen, the 24-year-old Iraq War veteran who was critically injured Tuesday night in a confrontation with police.

After decrying the use of force by police, he said officers should join the movement, too. “Police officers, you’re part of the 99 percent,” he said.

And tweeted by Jean Quan earlier:

Update Monday, Oct 31: The Bay Citizen has broken up the raw video into different segments

Raw Video: Michael Moore Speaks to Occupy Oakland 18 November,2011Jon Brooks

  • This movement will not end until all people have the chance to work their way to the top without stealing or eliminating jobs. Jobs in the middle help those at the bottom have a chance to move to the top, those jobs have been eliminated or moved to other countries. Our chance for equal opportunity has been cut to the point we need to occupy and scream. Don’t let this end, use small banks and family owned stores.

  • @cocoxochitl

    Thx 4 the #livefeed. Best stream of @mmflint I could find. Bee-yoo-ti-ful (except the Ronald McD on the cross part).

  • kay wheeler

    The banks sold toxic, substandard loan products to an uninformed public. No adequate disclosures from the banks were given to the customer about the pitfalls of these loans which benefitted the banks. These bankers with their faulty loans have caused the collaspe of the USA and millions of Americans to lose their homes–AND NO BANK OR MORTGAGE COMPANY IS GOING TO JAIL FOR THIS ATROCITY? THIS CLEAR CUT CRIME AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL OF SINKING OUR COUNTRY. THESE BANKERS NEED TO BE INDICTED RIGHT AWAY.

  • Ko

    Would Michael Moore be willing to get the crowd to observe a few minutes of silence so Quan could address them? Last time she tried she got shouted-down.

    Seems Moore considers himself a person Quan is accountable to so is Hissoner willing to provide her a real opportunity to do so or is this just more of his grandstanding for the cameras?

    Quan has been working at grassroots in the Oakland community for about 30 years, I guess that pales in comparison to Moore’s 30 minutes of fly-by activism.

  • Ko

    Having listened to Moores speech, I wonder if he knows how much effort Quan has made to realize exactly his goals particularly in the areas of education and minority rights?

    And I wonder, why can Moore jet in and receive the celebrity treatment including jumping to the front of the line to speak for an unlimited period while Quan got shouted-down?

    Michael – Dude, you are the media. So please now meet with Quan who has accepted your invitation.

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