Remember the two-ton bell that went missing from St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco sometime in the last month, but was only reported missing this week? As you may have heard by now, it was recovered yesterday in Oakland.

As chance would have it, Victoria Mauleon, producer for KQED’s The California Report, spotted something unusual on the back of a flatbed truck while driving home from the dentist yesterday afternoon. Behold:

The St. Mary's Cathedral bell (we think) returns home after being recovered in Oakland, Wednesday October 25, 2011. (Photo taken with the utmost attention paid to the road in front of her by Victoria Mauleon)


While we don’t have official confirmation that it was indeed the St. Mary’s bell on its way back home to St. Mary’s … it sure does look like it.

For the lawyers upstairs: KQED and The California Report do not endorse taking pictures with your cellphone while driving. (Unless it’s newsworthy.)

KQED Producer Spots Stolen Bell on 101, Snaps Pic While Driving (Don’t Try This at Home) 27 October,2011Gabriel Coan

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