Update 8:20 p.m. Another quake, this one a 3.8, epicenter right on the UC Berkeley campus. Check out the map from the USGS and zoom in all the way to see the location. It appears to be a house right off of Piedmont Avenue. (Update 9:06 p.m. Berkeleyside says it’s the International House.)

Here are all of the responses coming in on the USGS “Did you feel it” page.

No tsunami alert, by the way.

From a California Beat tweet:

Video report on the first quake from KGO:

And from KQED’s QUEST, in 2008: The Hayward Fault: Predictable Peril

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Boy someone went to a lot of trouble to make today’s Great Shakeout earthquake drill really realistic.

Oh wait. That was a real quake. Two miles ESE of Berkeley says the USGS. Originally reported as 4.2, now downgraded to 3.9. (Update 4:39 p.m. Now upgraded to a 4.0) It got pretty jiggly here in our San Francisco office.

The USGS map shows the epicenter as right on the Clark Kerr Campus in Berkeley, along the Hayward Fault.

Here is the USGS’s “Did you feel it” page, which shows as of right now over 12,000 responses from 250 different zip codes, covering a wide swath of the Bay Area and beyond.

From BART:

And from MUNI 27 minutes ago:

4.0, 3.8 Earthquakes Hit Berkeley 20 October,2011Jon Brooks

  • Rachel Alexandre

    Sure did! We are two miles of ATT Park. Gave my computer a good shake!

  • Alice

    Wow… we felt it in Walnut Creek Target! It was a big jolt. The employees thought someone had crashed in to a pier in the parking garage underneath.

  • Paul

    Just felt the 8:20 quake and scouring the net for updates an comments. It sounded like a cannon shot in the distance before a second later we felt the short lived jolt. Scary and exhilarating… Now I’m awake.

  • Alice

    We felt the 8.20 one in Walnut Creek too. Rattled more this time. Are we done yet?

  • Rachel

    I felt the one last night to. I was at Kohl’s in San Leandro,they announced over the all call, attention Kohl’s customers- we experienced an earthquake, however, the store is still open for your shopping pleasure.” LOL. All the ceiling tiles shuddered throughout the entire store. and the racks swayed a little.

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