Stanford University is publicizing its project to record the night life at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, 1,189 acres that sit about a mile west of 280.

Since September 2009, a network of motion-activated infrared cameras has recorded more than 40 photographs and videos of mountain lions in different areas of the preserve. Most of the images were captured between dusk and dawn, occasionally along trails frequented by docents, researchers and staff. However, an analysis of 30 lion photos from summer 2010 suggests that one animal triggered all of the images.

“The cameras are running 24 hours a day,” said Trevor Hebert, Jasper Ridge’s data manager. “Basically, anything that moves in front of them that’s alive will trigger a picture.”

The Chronicle yesterday ran an interview with Jasper Ridge staff specialist Trevor Herbert and put up some photos of the swinging nightlife at the preserve — coyotes, deer, and a mountain lion all on the prowl.

Video from Stanford:

Related video…The Science Comedian at Jasper Ridge… Sounds a little like David Sedaris.

Video, Photos: Animals on the Prowl at Jasper Ridge Preserve 19 October,2011Jon Brooks

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