Jim Harbaugh discusses "The Handshake." (Photo: 49ers)

On Sunday the 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh rubbed Detroit coach Jim Schwartz the wrong way by celebrating a bit too enthusiastically after a quick and dirty post-game handshake, which started an on-field fracas between the two teams.

Yesterday, Harbaugh said he’d try to improve his post-game handshaking technique.

“It was an unfortunate incident…and I take responsibility for my part in that,” Harbaugh said.

On a reporter’s question on whether Harbaugh needed to “tone it down a little” after the game:

“I think you can get better at everything. We’re always striving to get better as a team at everything we do, and personally I can get better at the post-game handshake and will attempt to do that.”


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is the host and editor for KQED's daily health and technology blog, Future of You. He is the former editor of KQED News Fix.

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