Nine-year-old opera lover Aiden Sagerman

Here’s something you don’t hear from a lot of nine-year-olds:

“The second opera I heard — the first I saw — was Puccini’s ‘La Fanchula del West.’ Then I saw four other operas, including Wagner’s ‘Die Walkure.’ Now I’m waiting to see ‘Seigfried’ at the Met.”

Come to think of it, I’m not sure you’d hear that from a lot of adults these days either. (I once saw an opera — Tommy.)

This could go viral — better get in on the ground floor now.

From KQED Radio’s Perspectives:

Nine-year-old Aiden Sagerman likes opera, and he’s not kidding. “I’m nine years old. I’m the only kid I know who likes opera.”

Listen to or read a transcript of Aiden’s audio essay:

KQED’s Ian Hill has storified…

This San Francisco Nine-Year-Old Loves Opera 18 October,2011Jon Brooks

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