With their win over the Lions yesterday, the Niners moved to 5-1, the team’s best start since 1998.

But after the clock ran out, San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh’s acting like he’d just won the Super Bowl and the lottery on the same day didn’t sit well with his opposite number on Detroit, coach Jim Schwartz….

As Chronicle columnist Gwen Knapp writes today:

If Bill Walsh once untucked his shirt, briefly flashed some abdomen, and if he chest-bumped an offensive lineman as he raced across a field after a big victory, YouTube doesn’t have the clip. He definitely didn’t offer up a handshake that turned the losing coach into a special-teams gunner and drew most of the players from both teams into a skirmish.

No one has ever done that.

Here is the video from NFL.com.

From SFGate’s 49ers blog, Harbaugh’s comments after the game:

“I was really revved up,” Harbaugh admitted. “That was on me a little, too hard a handshake there.” Harbaugh then said he got a jostled by Schwartz after Schwartz chased him 40 yards down the field. “I don’t know what he was saying,” Harbaugh said. He also said he was not agitated by Schwartz, but elated after the win.

Harbaugh then changed his attitude when he continued to be asked about the incident in his postgame press conference. “I do get emotional, I do get fired up. A lot. I not going to apologize for that. If that offends you or anybody else, so be it.”

From ESPN’s site, Schwartz’s take:

“I went to congratulate Coach Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way,” Schwartz said. “And then I didn’t expect an obscenity at that point, so it was a surprise to me at the end of the game.” Asked for further details, Schwartz said: “I’ll just leave it right there. I’m sure it’s on video.”

In 2009, after Harbaugh’s Stanford team demolished USC, coached by Pete Carroll, the two coaches had this on-field exchange, attributed to Harbaugh’s going for a gratuitous two-point conversion late in the game. The Chron reported the dialogue as thus:

“What’s your deal? What’s your deal?” Carroll said, according to two sources near enough to hear.

“What’s your deal?” Harbaugh retorted, and that was that.

Video: Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz Handshake Fight; Video of 2009 Pete Carroll Incident 23 October,2011Jon Brooks

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