Rachel Gordon and John Coté of the Chron called last night’s mayoral debate at the City Club, “a relatively witty, sometimes lively and fairly interesting debate.” You know…

KCBS has posted video of the entire event; watch it below, in four parts. Ha ha ha! Like you’re really gonna do that…

No but really, the election’s in a month, and you still don’t know who you’re voting for, let alone the names of like half the candidates, do you? Better get informed.

Or if you’ve had enough of one-way communication, tell KQED’s Public Insight Network what you want from San Francisco’s next mayor.

You can also read what people from around San Francisco have told KQED News reporters are the issues they really care about, at our Dear Mayor… web site. We went to the Bayview, the Mission, Pacific Heights, the Richmond, and the ‘hoods of central San Francisco to find out what problems each area’s residents are most concerned about.

Oct 10 mayoral debate

Last Night’s SF Mayoral Debate; What Issues Do People in Different Neighborhoods Care About? 11 October,2011Jon Brooks

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