OccupySF people rallied with protesters on the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.
OccupySF people rallied with protesters on the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. (Photo: Kiazad Ehya)

The Occupy Wall Street protests have turned into Occupy Just About Everywhere, and that of course includes the Bay Area.

Last week, in San Francisco, the city broke up the Occupy SF encampment that had taken root in front of the Federal Reserve building, but the protesters have set up camp again. According to the Examiner, at least 200 people were at the site yesterday afternoon.

Here’s an Occupy SF protester — an ex FedEx driver — who lost his house after his sub-prime loan payment doubled. Video from the Chron:

In San Jose, a much smaller band of demonstrators have coalesced. From the Merc yesterday:

The amorphous and steadily growing Occupy Wall Street movement in the past week now includes Occupy San Jose. On Sunday, it was defined by five pitched tents, a steady flow of donated food and scores of protesters who gathered at City Hall, bolstered by the enthusiasm of local college students.

“We, The People, Are Too Big To Fail” and “Banks Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out” read handwritten signs waved at passers-by Sunday as the organizers met publicly with several hundred people to define their far-reaching goals. While the week-old local group agreed to a mission statement, members also described it as “living and breathing.”

Video on Occupy San Jose from KGO:

This morning KQED News intern Daniel Gamberg was at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, where the Occupiers had moved from their City Hall location after being threatened with arrest. The protesters told Gamberg they would move back to City Hall.

And today a protest in Oakland was scheduled to begin at Frank Ogawa Plaza, at 14th Street and Broadway, at 4 p.m.

Occupy SF on Twitter:

Occupy Oakland on Twitter:

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