SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California’s largest gay rights group has decided against trying to have the state’s voter-approved ban on same-sex unions overturned next year.

Equality California announced Wednesday that it would not lead a ballot campaign to undo Proposition 8. The constitutional amendment limited marriage to a man and a woman five months after the state Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages.

Executive Director Roland Palencia says polls show voters are still divided and a court challenge that could overturn the measure is still pending. As a result, he says the time is not right to undertake a risky and expensive ballot fight.

Instead, Equality California plans to devote its resources to a public education and messaging campaign to counter beliefs that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry harms children.

Here is Equality California’s press release.

Gay Rights Group Won’t Try to Overturn Prop 8 in Ballot Campaign Next Year 5 October,2011KQED News Staff and Wires

  • Sean Bohac

    It was clear in early summer when EQCA ran its snoozefest “townhalls” to discuss the topic with no signs of life, and again in Roland Polencia’s debut CA tour in which he admitted at a San Diego gathering that “EQCA is not equipped to run a statewide ballot initiative”, noting that it would be outside of their core strengths.
    There is no-one outside of EQCA that believes that public opinion has not changed the necessary 2% to win at our next ballot campaign…so why are we still listening to EQCA to make the call on this? They blocked the 2010 campaign, they balked on the promised 2012 campaign. I think we need to form a new collaboration effort to regain Marriage Equality in CA.

    • Mike

      Well said. EQCA is a complete waste of time. If they’re not willing to push a referendum in 2012, what are they there for? The best “public education” campaign we could have is a campaign on repealing Prop 8. If the Supreme Court doesn’t strike it down for us, it won’t make sense to go back to the ballot until the next general election in 2016! What an absurd waste of time this is. By then another dozen states will have legalized marriage equality before us.

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