• Authorities shoot, kill Fort Bragg slaying suspect Aaron Bassler (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

    Aaron Bassler was shot and killed by law enforcement agents just after noon Saturday, ending a grueling 36-day hunt for the Fort Bragg man charged with ambushing and killing two men in coastal Mendocino County, authorities said. Bassler, 35, had an assault rifle in hand, his finger near the trigger, when three members of a SWAT unit posted in the dense forest spotted him walking about 40 yards away along a timber road, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said.

  • Aaron Bassler’s dark descent (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

    The death of 35-year-old murder suspect Aaron Bassler brings to an end 16 years of what his family has described as “a slow motion train wreck.” Aaron Bassler was a shy but seemingly normal boy until his late teens, when he began a dark descent into mental illness, according to his family.


Fort Bragg Fugitive Aaron Bassler Shot Dead by SWAT Team 2 October,2011Jon Brooks

  • skippy

    Readers, there’s another side of Aaron Bassler’s story as evidenced by the rare photo seldom seen or published of him today by local Kym Kemp (http://kymkemp.com/2011/10/04/aaron-bassler-a-mental-health-tragedy/ )

    A young man graduating, full of hope and dreams dressed in a tux, someone’s loved son and taken care of, smiling. A very different view than how we might remember Aaron Bassler of late.

    Her Redheaded Blackbelt site has the unusual photo and article of Aaron in his happier and healthier days– and the failure of the mental health system and courts to intervene– in the article “Aaron Bassler– “A Mental Health Tragedy?”

    Please give it a read. It’s a different side of his story needing to be told. Thank you.

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