You can read about Saturday’s “Nude-In” in the Castro at the Examiner.

About two dozen men gathered at 17th and Castro streets Saturday for the neighborhood’s annual Nude-In, an afternoon of hanging out with it all hanging out to celebrate San Francisco’s laws that make being naked in public legal. The event was a precursor to today’s Folsom Street Fair.

It drew more attention than usual because Supervisor Scott Wiener is spearheading legislation that would require naked city-dwellers to cover public seating areas with a towel or other barrier and would prevent them from entering restaurants. But Saturday, nothing held them back.

You may want to go visual on this one, though. These photos on Flickr are rather tame, as is this segment from KTVU, which doesn’t quite give new meaning to the term “raw video.” If you want the full (frontal) story, you gotta head on over to The Huffington Post.

Not everyone is down with the nude-in. This preacher on YouTube, for example, doesn’t seem to like it.

“I’ve never been in San Francisco, and I don’t know that I want to go,” he informs his followers, with relative good cheer. “I left my heart in San Francisco, somebody left their pants there…”

Update 3:45 p.m. Scott Wiener was on CNN today discussing his legislation:

Photos, Video: Castro Nude-In. Also: Text (as if…) 26 September,2011Jon Brooks

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