So, my Republican friends…you say public radio is biased toward liberals?

You say public radio is run by a bunch of tofu-eating, Solyndra-loving, anti-capitalists who don’t know the difference between NASCAR and Nescafe, let alone socialism and free enterprise?

Well…how do you like these apples:

KQED’s Peter Jon Shuler went all the way up to San Rafael today — crossed the bridge, mind you — to capture on audio the complete Michele Bachmann event held at the residence of local Tea Party leader Sally Zelikovsky.

As Zelikovsky says in her intro about Bachmann, she’s got “a lot of sass and class.”

I myself cannot listen to the entire 36 minutes, because, uh, you know, I gotta go home now. But you, Republican friends — enjoy!

And the Chron has a report plus video of Bachmann facing the Bay Area media to boot, in which she responds to questions about her controversial comments about the HPV vaccine for girls.

Audio/Video: Michele Bachmann in San Rafael; Responding to Controversial HPV Vaccine Remarks 15 September,2011Jon Brooks

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