• SF Supe Scott Wiener of the Castro, The Snitch reports, is sponsoring legislation to regulate the proliferation of nudists that are currently, depending on your point of view, plaguing, adorning, or just taking up space in the neighborhood. Some of you, no doubt, are making up your mind on a case-by-case basis.
  • From Curbed San Francisco: The first draft of the Dolores Park rehabilitation plan is out.
  • The mayoral candidates answer Muni Diaries‘ question, ‘what’s the most memorable thing that’s happened to you on Muni?’
  • From Calbuzz, some political takeaways from the latest USC-LA Times poll, including Rick Perry’s ascendance among California Republicans at the expense of support for Michele Bachmann.
Blog Beat: Wiener Takes on Castro Nudists; Dolores Park Rehab Plan; Candidates Talk Muni Memories 6 September,2011Jon Brooks

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