The 49ers organization reacted yesterday to the series of brawls at Saturday’s exhibition game versus the Raiders. From the Chronicle:

The team reacted to Saturday night’s alcohol-fueled mayhem by cutting the hours the stadium parking lot will be open before games, eliminating tailgating altogether after the kickoff and promising to punish season-ticket holders who sell their seats to troublemakers. Police said they would set up drunken-driving checkpoints around Candlestick and vigorously enforce laws against open alcohol containers on city streets…

York said the team has asked the National Football League to stop scheduling the Raiders during the exhibition season, which would end a tradition that dates from 1967. York said he wanted to see the matchup postponed “for some period of time,” but did not specify how long.

The SFPD has posted a summary of yesterday’s press conference concerning the violence. Attendees included Mayor Ed Lee, SF Police Chief Greg Suhr, and 49ers head honcho Jed York. The summary includes the following comparison between Saturday’s game and a typical game in terms of violence:

Saturday Regular Season Game
Criminal Bookings


Criminal Citations


0 (excluding ticket scalpers)


Public Intoxication


Medical Calls


7 – 10
Code-3 Transports (Lights & Sirens/Life Threatening)



From the Bay Citizen, here’s a narrative-timeline of incidents police responded to at the game. Here’s just one example of what they might call hooliganism in the U.K.

At 10 PM, Officers responded to Kaiser in South San Francisco regarding an assault that occurred earlier that evening at Candlestick Park, section 6. The victim had swelling to his face and a
chipped tooth. He told the Officers that throughout the game, a suspect sitting behind him kept insulting him and his team. At one point the suspect slapped him across the head. He slapped his
head again in the second quarter and reached around and slapped his face in the third. When the victim turned around to confront the suspect, he was immediately met with a series of punches to the face. A friend of the suspect’s who was sitting beside him, joined in punching the victim as well. This went on for about 20 seconds until Police arrived. He stated that the officers had taken both suspects into custody but that he had left prior to identifying himself to the Officers as the victim. This incident is still under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 110669685)

And here are a couple of more extended videos of some of the really nasty brawls:


Extended Video: Brawls at 49ers – Raiders Game 23 August,2011Jon Brooks

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