In order to explain any complicated news story, we often find it best to turn to the Taiwanese animators for guidance. Like take Google’s $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility:

Google’s stock has taken a modest pounding since the deal was announced, perhaps in part because Standard & Poor’s, not content to merely downgrade the entire nation, lowered its rating on Google too yesterday, from “buy” to “sell”.

On a related note, much has been made of Google’s desire to acquire Motorola’s patents as the primary impetus behind the deal. Inside tip: Public media types around here are buzzing about last month’s “This American Life” segment, When Patents Attack, which addresses some of the chicanery going on in the patents’ game.

The topic was also covered on KQED Radio’s Forum today.

Google-Motorola Deal, Per the Taiwanese Animators 18 August,2011Jon Brooks

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