If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of greening your drive with an electric vehicle, a new bundled deal from Ford and local solar manufacturer SunPower could be… illuminating.

The new deal offers a significant discount on rooftop solar systems to buyers of the Ford Focus Electric car, which is slated to hit the California market later this year.  The companies say the rooftop systems will generate enough electricity to power the cars.  This way, buyers can be assured they’re driving on renewable energy, rather than the standard California mix, which relies on many different sources, including more than 50 percent from natural gas.

(Of course, most cars will be charged at night, and the sun shines during the day, so the electricity generated from the rooftop systems will serve to offset the nighttime charging, rather than directly powering the car.)

As the Contra Costa Times reports,

SunPower will offer a 2.5-kilowatt rooftop system, which should provide enough electricity to fuel an electric car that travels about 1,000 miles per month, for less than $10,000, after the federal tax credit. Typically, SunPower charges at least $18,000 for a system of that size.

If all this isn’t quite enough, though, and you’re looking for a little musical inspiration before making the switch, check out this snappy little ode to the electric car from the band They Might Be Giants & Robin Goldwasser:

Buying an Electric Car? Why Not Throw in Some Solar Panels, Too? 12 August,2011

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