It’s looking like San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi has jumped into race to be the city’s next mayor. The San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner are reporting that Adachi filed his paperwork with the city today.

From the Chronicle:

Adachi today added his name to the candidate list with the Department of Elections, city documents show. He has until 5 p.m. today to pay a $5,000 filing fee and submit 20 valid nominating signatures to get his name on the ballot….

Adachi joins a crowded mayoral field that includes 10 other serious candidates in the city’s first competitive mayor’s race with ranked-choice voting and public financing.

Adachi Moves to Enter Mayoral Race 12 August,2011

  • John Smith

    “That’s a highly Machiavellian view,” Adachi replied. Asked if he was considering running for mayor, he simply said: “No.”-SF Chronicle Feb 22, 2011

    Not so Machiavellian now is it. Adachi’s is a liar and his campaign was caught committing voter fraud. See it for yourself here:

  • Ryan

    @john smith

    When Mr. Adachi was asked the question 6 months ago, he wasn’t running. So he obviously is not a liar. You must be one of the city employees not paying into your pension fund.

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