Several news outlets, including The Bay Citizen, are reporting that a demonstration is planned for today at 5 p.m. at the Civic Center BART station in San Francisco. The AP reports the protest is in response to the July 3rd shooting of Charles Hill, a homeless man, by a BART police officer.

SFist is reporting that the website No Justice No BART had posted details about the planned protest this morning, but the notice has since been taken down.

The cached copy of the flyer (courtesy of SFist) reads:

As before we will be meeting in the station, ON the platform. Please do not have any signs or banners visible as you enter the station or wait on the platform, as we wish to remain inconspicuous until the action begins at 5 pm. We will congregate at the center of the platform (next to the elevator). One of our organizers will have a ‘Justice for Oscar Grant’ patch on his backpack. If you approach him, he will give you a flyer that has information about the action, and watch for his cue to begin the action at 5 pm *sharp*.

BART is warning commuters about possible disrupted service today as a result of protesters.

BART On Alert for Possible Protest During PM Commute 11 August,2011

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