Now that the city’s interim mayor has officially entered the race, his opponents are reacting.

One of them, San Francisco Board of Supes President David Chiu talked to KQED’s Forum a little while ago.

“Today there are many San Franciscans who are disappointed that Ed broke his promise,” he said.  “For many months Ed Lee told San Franciscans one thing but it’s clear now he’s going to do just the opposite.”

When asked if it could affect their close working relationship and how he’ll be able to differentiate himself going forward, Chiu said:

“I think it is difficult because we have all been taking him at his word for many, many months, for him to break his promise will certainly have an impact on our working relationship moving forward, about what we’re able to trust in what he says on the issues that we work on.”

Want to hear more?  All the candidates are scheduled to debate tonight at the Castro Theater.

 Or you can listen to the 9 o’clock hour of Forum here. (Audio is coming shortly)

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