According to a new report assessing advertising potential on mobile devices, Google’s Android platform beats out Apple’s iOS and Blackberry.

Based on data from 83 million unique users, Jumptap, a mobile ad firm, shows usage patterns that seem to hew pretty close to the Mason-Dixon line.

Jumptap maps mobile users.
Jumptap maps mobile users.

In the West the only state with iOS predominance is Montana, while those Midwesterners and New Englanders sure love their iPhones. And New Yorkers are apparently stuck in the old business culture of BlackBerries.

Android was number one in terms of overall market share, with iOS a close second. But ads on iOS have a significantly higher click-through rate though.

Read the report yourself.
Jumptap Mobile Stats June 2011

Androids Rule in California 7 August,2011Lisa Pickoff-White

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