Attorney Susan Gellman stands with clients Phillip and Nancy Garrido. (Photo: Randy Pench/Sacramento Bee)

Yet another report was released yesterday detailing the failures of the parole process that allowed the captivity of Jaycee Dugard by Philip and Nancy Garrido to go undetected for 18 years.

From the Contra Costa Times:

(In the) report from the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office…District Attorney Vern Pierson says Phillip Garrido manipulated a flawed system to leave prison, and that parole policy must change fundamentally to prevent repeating the terror he inflicted on Dugard and other unknown victims… Despite a history of rapes and abductions, the report argues, the system repeatedly underplayed Phillip Garrido’s danger and gave his parole agents the impression that the twice-convicted kidnapper and rapist had genuinely reformed himself…

The new report points out 59 instances during his federal parole — which lasted from 1988 to 1999 before it was transferred to California — when Phillip Garrido either violated his parole or was left unsupervised for long periods of time.

The report was accompanied by a video in which Nancy Garrido is seen being questioned by a detective after her arrest in November, 2010. The video also includes intentionally blurred and redacted footage of Nancy Garrido talking to a five-year-old girl in the back of the couples’ van.

In her conversation with the detective, Garrido says she lured girls into the van in order to record shots of them for her husband.

“You were supposed to sit down next to them, play nice, sound interested, and somehow coax them into moving around so they can be videotaped,” the detective suggests, as Garrido nods and says, “right.” Garrido approximates she did this about 10 times.

On the second part of the video, Garrido is heard directing the girl to perform different gymnastic moves.

El Dorado County D.A. Vern Pierson and State Senator Ted Gaines (R-Roseville) are holding a forum in Sacramento today to “review the sad facts in this report and gather input from other experts to identify a bipartisan solution that will strengthen our state’s public safety system,” according to a statement by Gaines.

The report is the third lamenting oversights during the period when Dugard was held captive in the Garridos’ backyard even as parole officials inspected their home; those visits stemmed from an earlier conviction of Phillip Garrido for sexual assault. In July, James Ware, the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, released a report by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts concluding that federal supervision of Garrido was “substandard.”

A previous report, by the Office of the Inspector General for California, found that Garrido “committed numerous parole violations and that the (Department of Corrections) failed to properly supervise Garrido and missed numerous opportunities to discover his victims.”

The El Dorado County D.A.’s office in July also released previous videos of the Garridos, including a contentious inspection of their home by a parole officer and Phillip Garrido playing the guitar as his wife pretended to videotape him while actually focusing on children in the background.

The latest Garrido video and report below:

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New Report on Garrido Parole Failures, Nancy Garrido Video Released 3 August,2011Jon Brooks

  • Records from the US Parole Commission parole file of convicted kidnapper Phillip Craig Garrido, 1977 – 2010 – PDF 41.2 MB
    NOTE: Large file: 43 MB

  • Kiraj

    all of parole is a failure, parole agents go after 50 year old homeless heroin addicts who will surely fail a drug test, or will have failed to obey some obscure parole rule because it’s job security and a hell of alot easier than going after the real monsters out there…

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