• The Run, Ed, Run campaign has been financed primarily by nine donors, to date. The Snitch reports. (The Examiner names them here.)
  • Due to federal inaction, the Oakland air traffic control tower project is still on hold, reports Oakland North.
  • The San Francisco Citizen puts up a post about that politicos’ presser today in San Francisco regarding “joint legal and legislative steps to halt deceptive marketing by so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers.’
  • As reported in Calitics: Jerry Brown vetoed legislation yesterday that would have banned paying signature-gatherers by the signature.
  • From Bernalwood: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My New SmartMeter
  • Today’s slam dunk: You will click on the following from Ocean Beach Bulletin — Photos of penguins-on-the-march at the San Francisco zoo.
Blog Beat: 9 Main Donors For ‘Run, Ed, Run’; Oakland Air Tower on Hold; Learning to Love Your SmartMeter; SF Zoo Pics – Penguins on the March 2 August,2011Jon Brooks

  • RobertWilliams

    MUST-SEE 4-minute youtube video on Smart meters:

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