• Been following the Airbnb debacle? FromTechCrunch: The CEO of the San Francisco company, which facilitates online matchups between those looking for short-term accomodations and people putting their abodes up for rent, offered an unconditional apology to the San Francisco client whose place was ransacked and robbed, as well as mea culpas all around.
  • From Mashable: On Friday, Apple had more cash on hand than the U.S. government.
  • On Slashdot: “Researchers have developed an algorithm that can predict the gender of a tweeter based solely on the 140 characters they choose to tweet.” OMG LOL I totally believe it :> !
  • From Berkeleyside, a report that UC Berkeley will be releasing tickets on Aug 15 for Edible Education 101, a series of lectures with prominent food-movement figures, co-taught by Michael Pollan.
  • And also from Berkeleyside: The Whole Foods Parking Lot video, Berkeley remix.

Blog Beat: Airbnb Apologizes; Determining Gender From Tweets; Video – Whole Foods Parking Lot Remix; Tickets for Michael Pollan UCB Class 1 August,2011Jon Brooks

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