Update 3:19 p.m. Bet you never dreamed of this during the Johnnie LeMaster years: The Giants were at the White House today, yucking it up with the President.

The Chron’s Politics blog has a full transcript plus roster of attending politicos.

KGO’s got the entire video:

Yesterday, Ian Hill, our News Community Engagement Specialist, curated tweets and other web content about the event.

Update 1:45 p.m. CSN Bay Area live blog of the event is here.

Update 1:25 p.m. Bochy presented Obama with a Giants uniform with the number 44 (Obama is the 44th president of the U.S.) Somebody check eBay in an hour to see if it’s up there…

Update 1:20 p.m. Obama just said, “where’s the guy with the beard? I do fear it.” Then, “Michelle is very relieved the press is going to be talking about what someone else is wearing in the White House.”

Update 1:03 p.m. The Democratic elite-Giants nexus is prominent: You can see Ed Lee and Gavin Newsom sitting together, on the left. I also see Tom Ammiano, and I think Willie Brown. And Willie Mays. Plus Pelosi, Feinstein, and Leon Panetta are there.

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Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area is webcasting live your San Francisco Giants meeting with President Obama at the White House.

Check out how USA Today headlined this article about the event:

Obama to honor Brian Wilson, Giants at White House for World Series title

Jeez, what are they, the Beach Boys? Though I suppose a fixation on the performance-artist who moonlights as a relief pitcher is natural, in light of what you might call his flamboyant public appearances. I’m guessing a minimum of three secret-service agents assigned to Wilson for the duration of the event.

Watch live below:

Watch Video Replay: Giants Meet Obama at White House 26 July,2011Jon Brooks

  • Olive DePonte

    Obama *is* the 44th president of the U.S. …

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