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KQED reporter Kelly Wilkinson just got off the phone with San Francisco Police Sergeant Michael Andraychak. According to Sergeant Andraychak, neither the fatal .380-caliber bullet, nor the similar bullet found in Mr. Harding’s pocket can be matched to the gun police recovered following last Saturday’s incident, a .45-caliber pistol.

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A man who was thought to have died from an officer-involved shooting in San Francisco last weekend appears instead to have been killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, investigators revealed.

Kenneth Harding Jr., a 19-year-old Seattle resident, allegedly ran from officers who had attempted to detain him Saturday for fare evasion at a San Francisco Municipal Railway light-rail stop at Third Street and Palou

Police had originally said Harding had turned and fired at the officers, who returned fire and fatally struck him.

However, the bullet believed to have killed Harding was removed from his head by the medical examiner, who discovered it was a .380-caliber bullet, which is not consistent with the service ammunition used by San Francisco police.

Police said they also found an unused .380-caliber bullet in the right jacket pocket of Harding.

The shooting has triggered several protests around the city since last weekend, including one Tuesday that led to 45 people being arrested.

More from Marisa Lagos of the Chronicle here.

Medical Examiner: Bayview Shooting Victim May Have Died From Self-Inflicted Wound 21 July,2011KQED News Staff and Wires

  • Clyons

    Cop fired first shot 9mm round through a glock 40.cal would explain the strange pop made on shot spotter recording the 1.9 seconds it took to manually eject the round and unload on the suspect. Just saying

  • Clyons

    Oops hehe oops you know what I mean though right

  • Acording to what I read in the Kenneth Harding ardicles Kenneth Harding was a dangerous sick man. I dont understand why anyone would try and make him out to be a angel unless there is something wrong with them. And why would anybody want to protest against an incident when some of them were not even there to witness what really happened? Stupid!

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