More than 35 people were arrested yesterday during protests related to the shooting death of 19-year-old Kenneth Harding in Bayview-Hunters Point on Saturday.

The media was out in full force and recorded a lot of video of the belligerent, rolling demonstration through the Mission, Castro, and downtown.

Here’s a report from KGO, followed by more video:

Meanwhile, police yesterday said gunshot residue was found on Kenneth Harding’s right hand after he was shot. Police say Harding, who was on parole in Washington state and wanted for questioning in the murder of a 19-year-old woman, fired at them first after fleeing a stop by officers at a Muni station.

On Monday, police presented evidence to the media, including audio of gunshots, which they say bolsters their contention that Harding fired first. A gun that police say was Harding’s was also recovered from the scene.

KQED’s Joshua Johnson tonight will be attending a community meeting in Bayview addressing the incident, and we’ll have a subsequent report from him.

Ian Hill, KQED News’ Online Social Media specialist, curated the following material from the web related to the protests yesterday:

Video: Yesterday’s Bayview-Hunters Point Shooting Protests 20 July,2011Jon Brooks

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