Yesterday police presented to the media evidence they say demonstrates that Kenneth Harding, the 19-year-old shot and killed by officers in Bayview-Hunters Point Saturday, fired first.

Here is audio of the shots fired in the incident that police say was captured by ShotSpotter, a network of sound sensors in high-crime areas around the city that captures the sound of gunfire. The first shot, which sounds like a pop and police say is from Harding’s gun, comes around 3:00 of the clip.

Commander Mikail Ali said, “The timeline on these 10 shots that were registered by the system is about six seconds. There is a time of 1.9 seconds between the first shot and the second shot. It is that time period that we believe that the first shot was fired by the suspect, and then the officers were in a position to identify and respond accordingly to being fired upon.”

Listen to the recorded shots below:

Bayview gunshots

Police also released a map of where they say the shots were fired from:

More from the SF Weekly.

And here’s a 2007 Wired article on how ShotSpotter works.

For a summary of yesterday’s events concerning the incident, KQED’s Cy Musiker talked to reporters Joshua Johnson and Mina Kim last evening:

Audio/Chart: Bayview-Hunters Point Gunshots According to SFPD Recording System 19 July,2011Jon Brooks

  • Clyons

    Sounds more like he darted across the road and got honked at shot was fired at him the officers made it to the street to not shoot an oncoming car and opened up on him. Just sayin?

  • Clyons

    That would explain the pop and pause of1.9seconds as the officer ejected the .380 round manually I’d call it premeditated murder seeing a glock22 can chamber and fire 9mm,and.380 round but it won’t eject you have to do this manually not enough back pressure but will kill accurately with deadly force

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