(SAN FRANCISCO) The University of California Board of Regents has has approved a plan to raise student tuition by an additional 9.6 percent for the coming school year in response to a steep reduction in state support.

The tuition hike comes on top of a previously approved 8 percent increase.

Tuition for in-state graduate and undergraduate students would increase $1,068 to $12,192 a year, which doesn’t include room, board and roughly $1,000 in campus fees.

One-third of the estimated $216 million in new revenue would be used for financial aid.

UC officials say the tuition increase is needed because the 10-campus system lost $650 million in state budget cuts.

The last-minute hike has fueled a push for legislation creating a warning system to give students at least six months notice before raising tuition.

Ana Tintocalis has that report on today’s California Report:

UC Approves 9.6% Tuition Hike 14 July,2011KQED News Staff and Wires

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