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Protesters against the recent shooting of a 45-year-old man by a BART police officer hamstrung BART and Muni yesterday evening.

The local TV stations were there and have raw video of the raucous protest:

Here’s the Chronicle’s report.

The protesters marched around the Civic Center platform shouting “no justice, no peace,” according to witnesses and BART officials. Some of the demonstrators then boarded a train and blocked a doorway for 10 minutes, preventing the train from leaving. The protesters yelled at and shoved BART security guards who tried to corral them. One man climbed on top of the train before security guards pulled him down.

Also yesterday, BART’s new Independent Police Auditor, Mark T. Smith, talked about the process for investigating the shooting. Smith said he couldn’t name a date for completion of his report. He starts speaking at around 8:00 of the video, after BART Director Lynette Sweet:

Our Community Engagement Specialist, Ian Hill, has put together a chronology of last night’s events, told in tweets, video and other web content:

Video: Raucous BART Shooting Protest; New Independent Police Auditor Speaks 12 July,2011Jon Brooks

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