Muni Diaries is one of the local blogs we like around here. The site’s mission:

Muni Diaries is a place to share and read rider tales and news about the sometimes crappy, sometimes efficient, but essential public-transit system of San Francisco.

Saw something hilarious on a ride? Grossed out by bad Muni etiquette? Checked out the same hot thang on the bus every day this week and didn’t get up the nerve to smile? The idea is: If you have something to say about a ride, about a route, or even about politics surrounding public transit in the city, Muni Diaries is your forum to let the world know…

(W)e want Muni Diaries to be a user-generated exercise in storytelling.

Last week I interviewed one of the editors, Jeff Hunt, about the site, about Muni itself, and about some memorable user posts. Listen to the interview below:

Jeff Hunt on the site’s attitude toward Muni

On bringing San Franciscans together through stories about Muni

On whether Muni’s bad points are overblown

His favorite Muni story, about a longtime 33 driver who was being transferred and threw a party on the bus

On a particularly bad Muni story, about a nasty fight on a bus


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