Here’s a little breakdown from the New York Times on the length of President Obama’s answers at today’s “Twitter Town Hall” on the economy. Looks like it was a little hard to explain the debate over raising the debt limit in just 140 characters. (Though some Tea Party legislators may have been able to do it in just two: “N-o.”)

Anyway, here’s a video replay of today’s event, which was hosted by Twitter Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey.

The president, by the way, is No. 3 in terms of Twitter followers, according to Twitaholic, and the nearest practicing Republican on the list is John McCain, way down at 167. The GOP’s needed to get Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or Britney Spears to respond if they wanted equal web time. Though apparently a pointed question from John Boehner actually made it through…

Watch Replay of Obama’s Twitter Town Hall on Economy 6 July,2011Jon Brooks

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