KQED’s Mina Kim just received this interesting update on the missing Berkeley bicyclist from the Berkeley Police Department:

The City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) detectives have confirmed a sighting of Anthony Michael Martin with his bicycle in the City of Roseville, CA. from a credible source as recently as yesterday. (July 5, 2011) Mr. Martin did not appear to be in distress and as a adult, he is legally allowed to make the choices he has made. Some of the details of this confirmation and methods of locating him are ones that we would prefer not to share as they may compromise efforts in other/future investigations. In addition, since this is no longer a primary police matter, but a private matter, we feel that it is not appropriate to expose to the public.

BPD investigators have advised Mr. Martin’s girlfriend and family of the developments. Although BPD is no longer considering Martin to be a “Missing Person” and that he has voluntarily left the Berkeley area, we will continue to work with other Law Enforcement agencies in an effort to speak to him directly.

Thank you for your interest in this story and your support in getting the word out.

As covered by Berkeleyside, Martin was reported missing by his girlfriend on Saturday, after he didn’t return home from a bike ride on Tunnel Road, where his cell phone was later found.

Update 11:30 a.m. You can just imagine the media inquiries that Berkeley police are getting after releasing the above statement. Thus, a follow-up from the PIO:

Media Colleagues,

Further on Missing Cyclist.

“This is no longer a Missing Person case. Mr. Martin has voluntarily left for whatever private, personal reasons only he can speak to. We do not wish to speculate or share any further. A hotel clerk in Roseville was sent a picture and he positively identified/confirmed that Mr. Martin was staying in that area as of last evening. BPD will not be doing any follow up interviews as a result. We are most grateful he is not injured or worse.” (Emphasis in original.)

Thanks again for helping get the word out and we appreciate your understanding. “This is a private, personal, family matter now, not a police or criminal matter.”

Sgt. MC Kusmiss
City of Berkeley Police Department

Public Information Officer

More from Berkeleyside, including this:

The case provoked much interest in the the community. A Berkeleyside reader, Local Cyclist, wrote in our Comments section about a search party he helped organize in the area around Tunnel Road yesterday, where Martin’s cellphone had been found by an unrelated cyclist on Saturday.

Concern centered on the fact that Martin had been on a diet which involved fasting. It was feared he might have become weak or been physically impaired. Reports in the media also suggested that Martin, who had worked at the nanofabrication laboratory at UC Berkeley and was an active member of the University Lutheran Chapel, might have been unhappy. He was said to be thinking of leaving his job and leaving California.

Berkeley Police Say Missing Bicyclist Spotted; Call Matter “Private” 6 July,2011Jon Brooks

  • virgolady

    I just hope this story is ACCURATE and this person is not just a “look alike”.

  • Michael Herrinton

    I spent an hour this morning (Wednesday, July 6) looking for Anthony Martin along Pinehurst Road in Oakland. If he has indeed left the area and is in Roseville, he must be quite disturbed. It’s pretty thoughtless for him to have left his girlfriend without notice and to have left evidence that would suggest the possibility of his having suffered calamity.

    • Jon

      I spent some time this morning looking along popular bike routes east of Tilden. If Mike is okay, my efforts are not wasted. Yes, his absence and the circumstances surrounding it have caused his girlfriend and his other friends and family and church community distress, but he is obviously suffering and we only wish the best for him and hope for his safe return. Please do not condemn him. Is is a good man and he deserves our care and concern.

      • Jon

        Oh yeah, PS – I am not Jon Brooks who posted this blog entry

  • While maybe going on the Turkey Ride with BPD would have been more appropriate, it must be understood that when a man’s got to ride, a man’s got to ride. His independence day was moreso than most of ours I imagine.

  • Ferenc

    this story also affected me – i called the number listed on some post to offer time to help in an organized search, but no reply.

    wonder how much of this was generated by his gf? she sounded pretty distraught, and it appeared that there may have been a variety of reasons – not the first time he’s taking off do what he needs to do?

    glad he’s not hurt, or worse.

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