For the third year in a row, budget constraints put the kibosh on San Jose’s July 4th fireworks show. In the city’s Alviso neighborhood, however, the joint was jumping in terms of noisy, colorful — and illegal — explosions, as people went the decidedly unofficial route.

Photo: Twitpic

You can watch raw video from KTVU here. Right around 1:50, it begins to sound a little like 1980s Beirut.

Illustrating the dangers of some illegal fireworks, a Concord man yesterday blew some of his fingers off after lighting one.

Last night was also a busy one for Bay Area firefighters. Though the causes of these multiple blazes have not yet been determined, fireworks are suspected in at least some…

Raw Video: Illegal Fireworks Light Up San Jose’s Alviso Neighborhood 5 July,2011Jon Brooks

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