Dr. Geoff Manley, Chief of Neurosurgery at SF General, giving medical update on Bryan Stow. Photo: Julia Bernstein

KQED’s Nina Thorsen is at the press conference on Bryan Stow’s condition at San Francisco General. She reports:

-Stow has been upgraded from critical to serious condition

-He’s now breathing without a ventilator.

-He’s exhibiting some spontaneous left arm movement.

-He’s intermittently following some basic commands and opening his eyes.

-He’s been weened off two of five anti-seizure medications

-Doctors are lowering doses of the remaining three anti-seizure meds he’s still taking.

-There has been no recent seizure activity.

Great news. Let’s just hope he didn’t see last night’s game, which has dealt even the healthiest of us a severe setback…


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is an online editor and writer for KQED's daily news blog, News Fix.  He also writes about film for KQED Arts.

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