Giovanni Ramirez, the lead suspect in the Bryan Stow beating case, has been ordered back to prison for 10 months. Ramirez was arrested by police in May but has yet to be charged in the case. Police say they found a gun at Ramirez’s residence while investigating the Stow case, in violation of his parole, which is why he’s being sent back to jail.

Earlier this month, Ramirez’s daughter and her mother claimed at a press conference that he was home with his daughter during the attack. And from the L.A. Times today:

Attorney Anthony Brooklier said a dozen witnesses, including Ramirez’s 10-year-old daughter, could place Ramirez at home around the time of the beating.

According to Brooklier, a palm print left on a car by one of the suspects will prove Ramirez did not commit the crime.

The Times has posted the parole board’s order. Underscoring the lack of evidence presented against Ramirez in the Stow case to date is this finding from the board:

The board concludes that a reasonable person would not believe that a strong suspicion exists that Ramirez committed this violation. No indicia of evidence has been proved to the board on this date that shows Ramirez was involved in an assault that resulted in great bodily injury against the victim at Dodgers Stadium. Dismissed without prejudice.


Jon Brooks

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