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A Northern California judge has denied a motion seeking to block further use of a newly completed memorial to the victims of the 1978 mass murder and suicide at Jonestown.

The ruling Thursday by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Robert McGuiness will allow Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery to host a planned dedicate ceremony at the site on Sunday.

Jynona Norwood, a Los Angeles minister who lost 27 relatives at Jonestown, filed a lawsuit May 12 alleging that the cemetery violated an agreement with her for an alternative tribute to the victims. She objects to the new memorial’s inclusion of Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones’ name among the 917 others who died.

In his ruling, McGuiness said that denying access to the memorial would cause “substantial harm” to those who wish to gather there to honor the victims.

More from the Oakland Tribune and Bay Citizen.

Jynona Norwood’s Jonestown Memorial site here.


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