Remember when the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Ed Holmes (best-known for playing a spot-on Dick Cheney in a couple of the troupe’s summer productions) told us that he was going to mosey on over to Harold Camping’s studio with some like-minded atheists on May 21, so he could release balloon animals into the air in a burlesque of Camping’s predicted Rapture?

Well, true to his word, he did just that yesterday, and made international news to boot. The UK’s Telegraph newspaper has put up a video of the circus outside Family Radio when the prognosticated cataclysm that the Christian broadcaster has been predicting on radio and in billboards all over the world refused to occur. Holmes is featured prominently; take a look:


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is an online editor and writer for KQED's daily news blog, News Fix.  He also writes about film for KQED Arts.

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