Well I’ll be damned. Or maybe not: Six p.m. has come and gone in one of the last times zones to meet the appointed doomsday hour with nary a massive earthquake or cloud-bound cluster of ascending faithful.

Harold Camping in 2011

One of the many interesting aspects of today’s End of Craze is that whoever programs Family Radio, the Oakland-based Christian radio network founded by Rapture prognosticator Harold Camping, seems to have completely ignored the boss’s famous prediction. Tuning in to KEAR 610 AM, where Camping has been waxing apocalyptic for many years now, not only have I heard no sort of, “whoops, our bad!”, I haven’t even heard a Judgment Day mention. Even though the now non-event is still trumpeted on the station’s web site, has attracted worldwide attention, and — despite all the fun people are having at the expense of the faithful — may yet result in some negative outcomes. That is, if an untold number of people significantly altering their lives because of their belief in one man’s strange obsession cannot already be described that way.

But on Family Radio today, it’s just been music and what seems to be the regular slate of programming: a feature on how to approach marriage, a non-eschatological recitation from a Christian-themed book, something about finances…

With all this talk of doomsday, the scariest thing I’ve actually read lately can be found in this Contra Costa Times article, called “An insider’s look at Family Radio and its leader Harold Camping”:

Camping began predicting Judgment Day would be Sept. 6, 1994 and wrote a book outlining his theory.”He dogmatically thought all evidence pointed to that date, so he mixed Bible interpretation (with) numerical interpretation,” (former Camping Bible school Dean Gabriel) Otero said.

When the world continued, Otero said, Camping stayed mostly quiet about his miscalculation but told Otero that the Lord did return to Earth on that date — in a mystical way — taking the Holy Spirit back to heaven.

Otero expects another excuse come Sunday. “I’m very sure he’s going to come up with another date. “… He’ll say we need to refine the study here and there.”


Update 6:39 p.m. On the online stream, I did hear a few minutes ago what sounded like a pre-recorded promo for the May 21 prediction. Boy, at this point, someone might want to shelve that…

Update 7:22 p.m. Oh for Pete’s sake…


At Harold Camping’s Family Radio, It’s Business as Usual On-Air 21 May,2011Jon Brooks

  • Joyce Sammel

    Mr. Camping: read chapter 13 of the Gospel of St. Mark – and read it again. Now read it once more – what makes you think you know more than God himself? When I think of the millions you spent on advertising (full-page ads in USATODAY, for example) and how much GOOD those megabucks could’ve done for starving children in this world, or places where water is scarce and disease is rampant – and many other wonderful placs to spend money in the Name of God – you should be ashamed! Using that money for GOOD in this unjust world would certainly have pleased God much more than the nonsense you’ve been preaching!

  • Well at least they got a whole whack of press from international media and bloggers. Of course, they paid like $200+ million for all that fanfare!

  • ophu

    We are not living in the end times. That is a lie. We are living in the global warming, lowered expectations, economic hardship, overpopulation, scarcity of basic necessities times. We are living in the too much pollution, too much waste, too much war, too little empathy times. We are living in the people valued as less than people times. But it’s not the END times, and the sooner we square with that, the better off we will be. The world will drag on and things will get worse until we learn the errors of our ways and start working to make things better. We are here. We are STUCK. We have been living like we have another planet to go to, but there is none to be had. We are stuck with what we have. So let us get over this end times delusion and work to make what we have a better place to live.

  • Daniel

    Mr. Camping may be wrong in his prediction, He should not try to put a date on rapture, which means to caught up in the air as spoken by Apostle paul 1 Thessalonians 4: 15-16, Christ said of the hour no man knows not even the angels, except his father in heaven. but the season he told us. the bible said ” And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” Heb 9:27. those who died on the 21st, today or tomorrow will face Judgement, whether good or bad. Rapture is indeed true but no one knows the time. be ready.

  • daniel R

    The Bible says no one will know the date and what I have learned over time is when people add or take away from the Bible they are asking for trouble.

  • Daniel Haszard

    Watchtower Jehovah’s Witnesses have little credibility with their own fairy tale primary doctrine of Jesus ‘invisible’ second coming October 1914
    Watchtower society false prophets declare end of world in 1874, 1878, 1881,
    1910, 1914, 1918, 1925, 1975, and 1984….

    Danny Haszard been there!

  • john

    he put the cash back into the economy… can’t be all bad

  • Johnb

    Family Radio should be independently audited by news organizations to find out where the over $100 million was spent. Was it spent on luxury items, expensive cosmetic medical care, are private businesses being run out of Family Radio properties by employees using donor money? Are Family Radio employees making money from Family Radio on the side? Are any of Harold Camping’s family members or friends being paid by Family Radio? How much? Do they really work, or are they just being carried on the payroll? Do they have full time jobs with other companies? Do they have private insurance coverage, and are they still being paid from Family Radio’s insurance? Independent news media audits for the past 5 to 10 years will reveal any theft of donor money. Who got the money? Who enjoyed the proceeds from Harold Camping’s fairy tale? Family Radio is a non-profit, tax free organization. They are required to provide all financial information including where the money was spent to anyone who asks.

  • Bob

    So this filthy fear monger is going to blow his brains out now that the world has not ended, right? There is certainly no reason whatsoever to listen to anything this mental defective says. Hopefully, if he doesn’t put a rifle in his mouth and pull the trigger, somebody else will do it for him.

  • Jack

    It would be interesting to see the stories of the people who are casting all the stones. They’re probably people with some huge sins in their own lives.

    Yes, Harold Camping is in error on Judgement Day. Many of his contemporaries have tried to talk with him on this matter. But while the people who are criticizing him are right on that matter, they are strinking low blows in the area of finances.

    The truth is, Family Radio, which used to have great programming before many of the more fameous ministries pulled their programs because of the Judgement Day error, runs a world-wide radio ministry. When you look at all that equipment, buildings, etc., 78 million is not that much for such a large organization. Why, the US Government spends many times that much money in one second. Also, Harold Camping has never taken one cent in salary.

    No no, the real problem not money, as some have slanderously implied. The problem is error in theology. And if you want to start pointing fingers in that direction, just start pointing them at the homosexual Bishops in the Episcapol church and homosexual pators in the PCUSA church, who are probably the leaders in pointing fingers at Camping. Homosexuality is a clear abomination in the Bible, and when these “men” stand before the Lord, there will be no debate before he sends them to an eternal Hell.

  • Yog Sothoth

    I cometh for thine souls!

  • M S Jerome

    Congrats Oldman, Harold Camping.
    You and your organisation have done a pretty good job of drawing millions attention of “the end of days”.The world did not end but yours did come to end.

  • mercy

    TAKE HIM TO COURT!!!! so he stop this nonsense already… he keeps on and on…


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