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It was inevitable, but it’s still sad to see him go. Jim Lehrer has announced that after 36 years, he will be vacating the anchor chair at the PBS NewsHour.

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For us in the KQED newsroom, today’s announcement is a reminder of the tremendous contributions Lehrer has made to our field. It inspired me to revisit the MacNeil/Lehrer Rules of Journalism. To me, the statements couldn’t be a more concise or clear guide to ethical and quality journalism. Which is why I was pleased to read the Mr. Lehrer will remain involved in shaping the NewsHour’s editorial direction.

Jim Lehrer is the closest thing PBS has to a rock star. I suppose if that’s true, then this would be the public broadcasting version of “Cribs.”

Courtesy of PBS NewsHour
Public Broadcasting Icon Jim Lehrer Stepping Down 12 May,2011Gabriel Coan

  • Helen Jordan

    Since being widowed in the USA, and returning to live in Australia, I have depended on Jim Lehrer to bring me the truth about events there, and worldwide…His objectivity, humour and affability have won him many admirers amongst my friends here in Sydney…Robert MacNeill’s series on autism has also made me feel very close to these two journalists…best wishes to both! cheers, Helen Jordan

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