Contrary to popular opinion, cycling does not require Spandex. It does demand two wheels, legs, lungs, fair reflexes, working brakes, lights if it’s dark, a little patience, a love of the wind in your face, a sense of humor, a fondness of camaraderie, a sense of adventure, tolerance of the unexpected, occasional tact and diplomacy, and joy in exploring new surroundings.

Bike to Work Day–also known as today, May 12, 2011 CE–is a little less high-flown than the above description. It’s about getting people to try an alternate mode of travel in our crowded cityscape. It’s about finding remedies to some of our persistent and seemingly intractable urban ills: traffic congestion, pollution, inefficient use of resources, and all the problems that grow from them.

With that as preamble, here are a few places to find Bike to Work 2011 events. (An Energizer Station, for what it’s worth, is all or some of the following: a combination food and drink spot, open-air bike repair shop, a place to meet a Bike to Work convoy, or a spot to snag a bag of Bike to Work Day swag.)

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San Francisco

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Peninsula and South Bay

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