Front page of the Oakland Tribune, May 2, 2011.

The Bay Citizen has put up yesterday’s front pages of seven Bay Area newspapers. Winner of the most editorialized headline contest: The Examiner’s “The butcher of 9/11 is DEAD.”

The Sacramento Bee site took this aggregation idea one step further and reprinted front pages not only from around California but the world. Headlines of note:

Traditionally, the gold standard in tacky front page reportage is set by the New York Post. While that tabloid, which has become almost synonymous with screaming, id-pandering front-page descriptions, did its best yesterday to serve up the reddest meat to the U.S. city that suffered most at the hands of bin Laden (“Got Him! Vengeance at last. U.S. nails the bastard“), the paper may have fallen short of the simple, regionally flavored prose dished out by its bitter rival, the New York Daily News:

Rot in Hell!


Update 3:32 p.m. The Mother of All bin Laden headline aggregations is at Newseum


Jon Brooks

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