Ed Lee told the Chronicle’s City Insider blog that he opposes the proposed shark fin ban in the state.

From the post:

Lee, who says he’s not running for a full term, said he supports educating shark fisherman rather than an outright ban. “We don’t have to be anti-cultural to get to an enlightened method,” he said.

And as to whether he eats it? Yes, though he said, “I don’t eat it regularly. I can’t afford it. I only eat it at weddings or at special occassions…I don’t think people are eating this every night. It’s too expensive.”

In February, Assemblymen Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, and Paul Fong, D-Cupertino introduced AB 376, which would ban trade in shark fins in the state. Proponents of the ban say use of the fins in shark fin soup, a Chinese delicacy, is instigating illegal shark finning.

Another Chinese politician, State Sen. Leland Yee, running to be Lee’s replacement as mayor of San Francisco, has also come out against the ban.

You can read more about shark finning at KQED’s QUEST blog.

You can read the text of the proposed ban here.

Mayor Ed Lee Opposed to Shark Fin Ban 26 April,2011Jon Brooks

  • Mike Kwan

    Do you want our mayor to support and fully ENFORCE a ban on shark fin? Please sign the petition: http://bit.ly/lelandluvsharks

    Tell ALL SF mayoral candidates, especially Leland Yee, that you won’t vote for any candidate who opposes a ban on shark fin. We need a mayor who values the protection of the planet more than political gain. We don’t have time to “educate” fisherman (many of whom aren’t Chinese btw) who care more about the bottomline: money.

  • Eric Mills

    I’m truly surprised and disappointed by Mayor Lee’s stance on this issue–I expected better. And assuredly this bill is in NO WAY “anti-cultural.” It’s a matter of animal welfare and environmental protection–truly a “no-brainer.”

    Shark finning is not only horrendously cruel, but the commerce is unsustainable. We’ve already lost 90% of the world’s shark populations. Do we have to kill them all before Mayor Lee thinks it’s a problem? What is needed, of course, is a worldwide ban on the killing of ALL sharks, at least until the historic population levels are restored.

    AB 376 is now on the Assembly floor, and will likely come up for a vote next week.

    EMAIL PATTERN FOR ALL: assemblymember.lastname@assembly.ca.gov


    Save the sharks. And in doing so, maybe save the oceans, perhaps even ourselves. Meanwhile, I’d recommend a boycott of all restaurants which serve this dish of cruelty, and let the management know why.

    Eric Mills, coordinator


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