The Sacramento Bee has been holding a caption contest for this photo of Jerry Brown shooting a basketball, and 12 finalists have now been chosen.

Photo: Governor's Office

Even though we missed the deadline, our entries:

  • “Wow, Bob Dutton‘s head is a lot lighter than I thought.”
  • “Watch me throw up another airball, just like my plan to balance the budget with tax extensions.”
  • “Here comes my two-handed set shot, like I used to do it back in the ’40s.”
  • “Hey kid, if you don’t want to hear me launch into a Linda Rondstadt medley, get the hell out of the way.”
  • “This is the last basketball this school’s going to be able to afford for the next 50 years.”
  • “If this photo op winds up the subject of one of those humiliating caption contests, somebody’s getting canned.”

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