John Myers has a post up at Capitol Notes about a big protest California teachers are planning at the Capitol next month:

In the days leading up to Governor Jerry Brown’s release of a revised budget next month, the state Capitol is going to be the scene of a major protest by teachers… one that could have shades of the marathon sit-in last month in Wisconsin.

Calling the event the “California State of Emergency,” teachers say their goal is to get the Legislature to pass a budget that includes some $11 billion in tax extensions, the same ones the governor still says he wants placed on a statewide ballot this year.

“The week begins and ends with a group of educators (with others invited to join) taking over the State Capitol,” says a document found online.

In a phone interview this afternoon, CTA president David Sanchez said the Wisconsin protests are indeed the model of the Capitol protest part of the events planned for the week of May 9-13. He says they intend to have a sit-in here at the Sacramento statehouse lasting all week, with six rallies in cities across the state on Friday the 13th. Read full post


Jon Brooks

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