Rachael’s Breakfast Blend: Point Fixing at U of San Diego & UC Riverside; Fresno Farmers Fume re Water

Rachael Myrow here, host of the California Report, with a handful of links to cool and/or important stories outside the Bay Area local readers should check out.

  • Eric

    It’s semi-embarrassing this has to be pointed out but there are three large universities in San Diego:

    1) University of California San Diego (UCSD)
    2) San Diego State University (SDSU)
    3) University of San Diego (USD)

    The basketball point-fixing scheme involves University of San Diego (USD), not UCSD. The title of the LA Times article VERY CLEARLY states this:

    “10 named in alleged point-fixing scheme at University of San Diego and UC Riverside.”

    As such, the title, “Point Fixing at UCs San Diego & Riverside” is completely wrong. Please update!


Rachael Myrow

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