If Democrats and Republicans can’t forge a deal tout suite, at midnight the entire federal government turns into an unfunded pumpkin.

You can follow the negotiations — and posturing — in Washington live on CSPAN and on NPR. PBS NewsHour is streaming the Senate debate live. (Here’s a list of resources to help you navigate a shutdown should it occur.)

Latest developments from AP, and from the Washington Post:

With a government shutdown less than 12 hours away, it has come to this: Top Democrats and Republicans both said Friday morning that key disagreements are holding up a deal on the budget. But they can’t even agree on what they are disagreeing over. Friday morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) said that negotiators had come very close to a budget agreement overnight. But, Reid said, the deal broke up in a dispute over funding for the group Planned Parenthood. Full article

And from the New York Times:

…Mr. Boehner again urged the Senate to pass a temporary House budget resolution that would finance the military for the balance of the fiscal year, cut $12 billion in spending from the current year’s budget and would keep the rest of the government operating for another week, as Republicans in the House have voted to do. “This is the responsible thing to do,” he told reporters. Democrats in the Senate have rejected that approach as a gimmick, and Mr. Obama has said he would veto it. Mr. Reid told reporters at the Capitol on Friday morning that the Senate would explore the possibility of a brief continuing resolution that simply kept the government open for another week with no changes to spending, an approach the Republicans have brushed aside. Full article

More from Google News and CNN’s live blog

On Twitter, the top tweet on this subject is from Seth MacFarlane, of “Family Guy” fame:

If the Republicans cause a government shutdown, we’re really gonna wish we had Leslie Nielsen to give Harry Reid the George Zip speech.

Which I think is this, someone correct me if I’m wrong:

Resources for navigating a shutdown:


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